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Advanced Thai Yoga Massage: One

Deepen your Thai Yoga Massage practice with advanced Thai Yoga Massage techniques.


Suitable For

Thai yoga massage practitioners and students wishing to progress from the introductory courses.


35 hours ( 2 class days plus work assignment)


Certification:  Certificate Awarded

Course Content

This unique course has been developed by the Thai Yoga Massage Guru and is derived from powerful techniques handed down by many masters throughout Thailand and Asia. During the course, our teacher will introduce the ‘Burmese energy model’; its structure, function, location and therapeutic effect.

Our Guru will work with you, enabling you to develop your creative side and your own personal treatment style.

We will explore advanced techniques including ‘breath coaching’, ‘mindfulness and listening meditation’, and ‘listening’ to the body. You will also be encouraged to think about how you will include meditation and yoga practices for your client’s ongoing self-care. In addition to this, we will also explore:

Advanced contraindications
Body mechanics
Thai massage positions
Transitions: prone and side-lying
Advanced applications of massage positions

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize advanced contraindications for treatment
  • Effectively apply proper body mechanics to each massage position
  • Safely and efficiently transition a client to various body positions
  • Accurately apply pressure on the Burmese sen lines throughout the body
  • Safely apply various advanced Thai massage techniques for prone and side-lying positions
  • Effectively deliver a full Thai massage
  • Modify the massage to accommodate the needs of the client
  • Demonstrate and explain indications/contraindications of various yoga postures for home care exercises



Course Fee: 395 + GST

Starting Date: February 9 & 10/2019 – 9:30 till 5

Take your Thai Yoga Massage to the next level with this advanced course. 


Shawne Klassen


Shawne is a licensed and registered massage therapist practicing in Alberta Canada. He has practiced massage for 22 years and has been teaching Thai Yoga massage for the last 15 years.

Registered Massage Professionals


If you are a professional massage therapist, Thai Yoga Massage can serve as a complimentary set of tools that help further your practice. Many of our students are registered massage therapists.

Wellness Professionals


If your career is focussed on wellness, Thai Yoga Massage can provide additional techniques for managing your clients well being. Many of our students are nutritionists, healers, and more.

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