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Thai Massage is not new to the health and wellness industry. For over 2,500 years, this ancient healing method has been changing lives ever since it was first taught by the legendary Doctor Shivago Komarpaj from Northern India. Over time, the method was practiced in other countries but more religiously so in Thailand. It does not come as a surprise for the method to be adopted globally as it has been proven to be effective in numerously throughout history. The ‘clothed’ approach, to be precise, provides the practitioner the chance to manipulate the muscles’ origins, insertions, and actions required which can be portrayed on a 3D scale. This can truly be beneficial when dealing with clients that require unique approaches. Not only that, a specialist can also easily communicate with the patient about his/her body stretch reflexes and other needs. It stipulates a better bond and understanding between a practitioner and the person receiving the treatment.

Anyone who may feel the need to improvise their lifestyle can benefit from Thai Massage as it eliminates toxins through increased motion and circulation. As a result, the body’s organs are in a better interrelationship between each other. Thai Massage is one which can be effortlessly combined with other healing methods. The clothed approached itself can even be practiced regardless of location or situation – a floor, outside, on the table, etc.

The Thai massage training we provide here is a combination of this ancient healing method alongside the western/modern treatment. The technique flawlessly works by distracting one’s mind hence allowing the body to release fully – from head to toe. Unlike the other types of massages, we focus on a more holistic approach by healing the body as one unit which enables enhanced rejuvenation.