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Develop Your Massage Practice

Thai Yoga Massage Guru, teaches a range of courses aimed at equipping you to become a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. Joining a class could be your first step towards a new and fulfilling career. We offer CEU’s with a variety of massage associations. 

Two Original Courses

Courses are offered in-person training or online format to enhance learning and engagement.

Studies include a combination of technical expertise, theory, and practical hands-on experience. Our courses encompass the spiritual integrity of traditional Thai therapy whilst nurturing the practitioner’s technical and creative sides.

Mat Method

Workshops | Training app Assignments 

Delve into the ancient system of bodywork. A combination of theory and hands on practice.

 Approved by THAI, MTAA, NHPC, CMMOTA, and  CRMTA.

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Table Method

Workshops | Training app | Assignments 

Alternate introduction to the art of Thai Yoga Massage that can be practiced on a table.

Approved by THAI, NHPC, CMMOTA, and  CRMTA.

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Training App

Access exclusive content, designed specifically for this Workshop. Right to your phone.

Community Based

 One of the best parts about the network is that it’s part of a community. Share your thoughts and ideas, and let us know what you’re learning as you work through the material. 

Social Learning

Feeling stuck or confused? We’re here for you. Share your questions, and we’ll help you work through them.

Who Should Enroll?

Many of our student’s courses are practitioners in related fields – yoga, massage physiotherapy, and osteopathy – who are interested in learning additional skills. By joining a class, you will meet like-minded people who you will work alongside.

Registered Massage Professionals


If you are a professional massage therapist, Thai Yoga Massage can serve as a complimentary set of tools that help further your practice. Many of our students are registered massage therapists.

Wellness Professionals


If your career is focussed on wellness, Thai Yoga Massage can provide additional techniques for managing your clients well being. Many of our students are nutritionists, healers, and more.

Shawne Klassen - Instructor

Shawne Klassen is a renowned expert on Thai Yoga Massage education. He has been practicing and teaching others Thai Massage for well over 20 years. After completing his massage therapy training in Calgary, Shawne traveled to Thailand where he studied under Thai massage masters at the Wan Dee School of Ancient Massage, Lek Chaia Massage School and the Old Medicine Hospital, in Chiang Mai where he completed his internship. He also studied at Wat Pho in Bangkok, under the renowned Mr. Jan, one of the only living teachers, who practices the healing art of ‘Southern style. Due to his studies and retreats, Shawne has a deep understanding of the mental and physical techniques used in Thai yoga massage, and a profound knowledge of the spiritual aspects.

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