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Thai Yoga Massage Guru offers a variety of courses designed to help beginners and intermediates develop into seasoned Thai Massage professionals. These can be attended one-time basis or as a practitioner program. Programs can be adapted to include strictly mat or be a combination of the table and mat courses.

Thai Yoga Massage on the Mat Courses

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This ancient Northern Thai system of bodywork is known for its superior level of stretching working in harmony with deep spiritual and physiological benefits. We will study the foundations of this practice in sight of both eastern and western perspectives. Upon completion of these courses, students will be able to perform Thai yoga massage at a practitioner level. Approved by THAI, NHPC, RMTA, and  CRMTA.

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Thai Yoga Massage on the Table Courses

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This program shifts the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage from its traditional floor work on to the massage table. This technique allows the massage to intermingle with any other bodywork or to perform on its own practitioners can create individualized healing experiences by blending gentle stretching, acupressure and breath work in a rhythmic dance. Approved by THAI, NHPC, RMTA and  CRMTA.

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