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Course Detail: Thai Table Massage

Whilst Thai yoga massage is conducted on a mat, Thai massage techniques can also be used on a massage table. This training course equips the practitioner to be able to deliver a Thai massage on a massage table. As with our Level 1 course, this course uses the northern energy model.

Suitable for: Thai yoga massage practitioners

Level: Beginners

Duration: 40 hours (3 day sessions plus assignments)

Certification:  Certificate  awarded after assignment completion.

Coures Curriculam

Throughout the three days, we will cover:

  • Forms of active stretching
  • Body Mechanics
  • Supine, Prone, Side and Sitting transitions
  • Advantages and disadvantages to table work
  • Listening to the body
  • Breath coaching
  • Thai massage positions

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits and constraints of doing Thai massage on the table
  • Recognize indications and contraindications for Thai massage on a table
  • Apply active stretching into treatment protocols
  • Effectively apply proper body mechanics to each massage position
  • Accurately apply pressure on the northern sen lines throughout the body
  • Effectively incorporate proper breath work into the Thai massage practice
  • Safely apply various Thai massage techniques and postures to a client

Course Fee: C$500

Starting Date: 22nd October 2018

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