The Guru, Himself

Shawne Klassen is a renowned expert on Thai Yoga Massage education. He has been practicing and teaching others Thai Massage for well over 20 years.

Shawne Klassen

Shawne is a licensed and registered massage therapist practicing in Alberta Canada. He has practiced massage for 24 years and has been teaching Thai Yoga massage for the last 18 years.

After completing his massage therapy training in Calgary, Shawne travelled to Thailand where he studied under Thai massage masters at the Wan Dee School of Ancient Massage, Lek Chaia Massage School and the Old Medicine Hospital, in Chiang Mai where he completed his internship.

He also studied at Wat Pho in Bangkok, under the renowned Mr. Jan, one of the only living teachers, who practices the healing art of ‘Southern style’.

Due to his studies and retreats, Shawne has a deep understanding of the mental and physical techniques used in Thai yoga massage, and a profound knowledge of the spiritual aspects. As students, you will learn a lot from this generous and sharing guru.

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