Thai Yoga Massage on the Table 

Each module includes a convenient online learning format with limited travel for the busy individual. Practical lab days are included but not required if travel is not possible.


Suitable For

Beginners, Wellness Professionals, Massage Therapists, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioners



Lab Day Sessions – On-line training and assignments 


Certificate awarded.

Thai Yoga Massage Table - Module A

Is a established method adapted to the integrity of this ancient healing art. In fact it allows the practitioner to easily use this medical model to benefit their clients and aid in healing without sacrificing floor space. It has been developed so that it can be used in conjunction with any other table work or used by itself.  We will be working from the supine position focusing on the lower body.

  • Forms of passive stretching
  • Body Mechanics
  • Supine positions and transitions of the lower body
  • Advantages and disadvantages to table work
  • Listening to the body
  • Breath coaching
  • Thai massage positions


Thai Yoga Massage Table - Module B

Building on the skill set out in TYMT One, students will continue to complete a full Thai massage protocol with adding positions for the postures side-lying, prone and sitting. 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits and constraints of doing Thai massage on the table
  • Recognize indications and contraindications for Thai massage on a table
  • Apply active stretching into treatment protocols
  • Effectively apply proper body mechanics to each massage position
  • Accurately apply pressure on the northern sen lines throughout the body
  • Incorporate  breath work into the Thai massage practice
  • Safely apply various Thai massage techniques and postures to a client

Course Fee: C$450 Classroom $195 Online + GST

To discover this ancient system of bodywork and to help integrate the body, mind and spirit and one that will enhance the repertoire – Register now!

Approved by NHPC, RMTA, CRMTA and THAI

Shawne Klassen


Shawne is a licensed and registered massage therapist practicing in Alberta Canada. He has practiced massage for 25 years and has been teaching Thai Yoga massage for the last 20 years.

Registered Massage Professionals


If you are a professional massage therapist, Thai Yoga Massage can serve as a complimentary set of tools that help further your practice. Many of our students are registered massage therapists.

Wellness Professionals


If your career is focussed on wellness, Thai Yoga Massage can provide additional techniques for managing your clients well being. Many of our students are nutritionists, healers, and more.

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